Motivational Tips for Students and Tutors

Education is an interactive process, wherein a learned or experienced individual trains and imparts knowledge to certain individuals who wish to receive it. It is a two way process where the trainer or the teacher and the receiver or the student learns from each other.

This process is a mutual and reciprocal action, which needs focus, dedication and concentration. However, the process might be interrupted and lapses can be seen in both the tutor and the student. Such lapses have various reasons like increasing level of academic pressure, limited time for teachers to complete courses and more distractions caused by the entertainment tools for students. Such cases require certain directions and live help in education. They call for key motivators for the students and the tutors.

Motivation Tips

For Students:

Generally, the major fallbacks in education are mostly seen among students. They are the most vulnerable to become strayed. Moreover, modern times have created more beguiling products (like High-end Video Games, time-consuming applications in social network sites, etc) which creates more evil than good. It takes away the innate urge for knowledge among students, making them immune to meaningless berating of their parents. The ever-increasing education demands make them lose their motivation and reasons to carry on. Here are some motivators for students highlighting ways to get back to the study table and remain focused.

  • Maintain specific and do-able aims that will positively help you in completing your coursework. Vague goals and empty promises take you nowhere.
  • Fight hard enough to master a certain skill, issue or coursework. Amateurs can only cover half the race but only professionals make it to the finishing line.
  • Eliminate all negative elements that keep you from your goal. Review every elements of your life that discourages you from working hard. Friends who think you are incapable, magazines that has nothing useful than baseball scores or scandalous news of superstars, etc. The idea is to surround yourself with positive energy like friends, books, current affairs, etc that will assist you in your journey.
  • Look beyond the present and do not believe in short term failures. You may have failed to secure the top rank this year. However, that does not make you a loser or less capable to earn the top rank in the next semester.


For Tutors:


Teachers are the propagator of true and non-fabricated knowledge. However, it is useless to forget that they need encouragement as well as they are humans too. They are students as well and hence needs proper guidance. Here are some motivators for tutors.


  • Fight, learn and share! The idea is to create a responsible student, rather than a ruthless human.
  • Take challenges to turn a student’s life in the right path. Help your students to reach their goals rather than dictating them.
  •  If you cannot find the solution for a problem, start by analyzing it from scratch and gradually find your answers.
  • Be polite and leash your temper. Impertinent students do not know better. Hence, be gentle and try your best not to show your wrath.
  • Talk less and listen more. Students love those tutors who listen more to them and speak only when they have the correct advice and guidance.