Some simple tips for students: make your work more effective

Whether in the high school or during graduation, studies have always been a matter of worry for many of us. It becomes a tedious job to complete the vast course in a short time. In fact many of us would have even skipped a lot of syllabus due to shortage of time. But the fact is that there’s no shortage of time. It entirely depends on us how we utilise our time. We have always heard this saying from our teachers and elders – “Wasted time never returns”. So make the most of the time you have in hand, and you are surely going to win!

It is very important to teach the children the value of time. Parents should take extra efforts to show the right way to the children, so that they do not take wrong steps in future. Children should be encouraged to complete their studies in time. This way they understand the value of time and also learn to be punctual. Since the syllabus is becoming vast and difficult in schools, it is very much necessary for the children to follow an organised study schedule so that their studies are not hampered.

The way one studies has a direct effect on the results. Hence one should try to find out and mend the faults in ones method of studying to achieve better results. The most important thing is to have a positive approach and belief in you. It’s better to start your preparation at least 2 to 3 months before the final exams. Start with that subject which you are fond of and find easy to remember. This way your confidence builds up and you can easily prepare other subjects. Allot days to each subject and work towards finishing the subject within the number of days allotted to it. Always keep a margin of at least 15 days before the exams, i.e. your whole syllabus should be done 15days before the exam. This allows you to give enough time for revising the subjects for stronger retention.

Motivation is the key to success. Reward yourself for the targets that you complete; for example, when you complete a subject reward yourself with a big bar if chocolate or whatever you like. This way you’ll remain motivated and work towards achieving your goals with dynamism. You should equally involve yourself in socialising with friends and relatives that give u a positive vibe. You feel re-energised when you have a light conversation with a friend. Be sure to keep it to a minimum so that it doesn’t affect your studies.

There some things which you should keep in mind just before the exams. Take a good night’s sleep and relax your mind the day before the exam. Have something nutritious before going to the exam centre so that you have a constant supply of energy while you are writing your exam. Do not cram before going to the exam as that will make you nervous and adversely affect your performance. If you follow your schedule strictly and stay positive nothing can stop you from reaching your destination.