Tips for students: How to improve students’ studying

We have all faced the exam phobia. Many of us have been unsuccessful in completing the syllabus within time which ultimately affected our results. It is very important to do regular studies in order to excel in whichever field of study we take up. Each individual has his own method of studying. But inspite of our efforts, we get results with which we are not satisfied. But one should keep learning and amend his or her ways in order to attain the desired result.

The first step towards attaining your goal should be to make a concrete plan. However, you should be able to stick to that plan so that you get the best out of it.It is very important to consider one’s capacity so as to have an effective study schedule. It should not be tiresome or have an adverse effect on your health. One should chart out a plan in such a way that it includes your studies as well as leisure activities.

While preparing a proper study schedule, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Study Hours – Set target duration of study per day which you will be able to manage. Also consider what time of the day is suitable for you. While some prefer to study late night, others tend to concentrate better during the day time.
  2. Intervals – One should not study for hours at length, rather it is better to keep small breaks in between so that you can refresh yourself. Keep small breaks as well as long breaks between study hours. During short breaks you can listen to some good music, eat something, exercise a bit or simply sit and relax. During longer breaks you may catch up with friends, watch TV, talk with family members etc. But strictly stick to the schedule so that you do not waste your time. Remember, excess of anything is dangerous!
  3. Subjects – We know ourselves better than anybody else knows about us. So consider on which subjects you need to brush up your skills. Work on those subjects so that you are well aware of the concepts before your exams.
  4. Notes –Make short notes while you study so that you can use them during exams when there is shortage of time. Mark important questions and concepts so that you can brush them up just before the exams.
  5. Practice –Practice makes a man perfect! That’s a saying we have all grown up with. So for practical subjects, rather than flipping your notebook, practice as many questions as possible so that you have a good hold on the subject. Also you save your time during exams when you know the flow of a question. And that is possible only through practice.
  6. Proper Diet & Sleep – Have your regular meals without skipping any. Include fruits and nuts in your diet. Take atleast 6 hours of sleep daily so that you don’t feel fatigued.

The most important part is to stick to your study schedule and if you can do that, nothing can stop you!