Tips for students: improving your exams preparation

Exams have always been a pain for many students and even for parents. We always end up cramming at the last minute. Be it in high school or a professional course, managing with the pressure and subjects has always been a battle. We all very well know that for achieving success a lot of hard work is required. But it is also important to keep a very positive mind-set during the preparation and during exams which has a direct effect on the marks or results.

One should prepare for the exams in an organised way. Following a proper time-table is very important whether during your normal routine or just before your exams. As you finish your syllabus before exams, you get enough time for revision so that everything registers in your mind. This way your retaining power is increased and you jot down your answers faster during exams. Prepare such a schedule so that your time is utilised effectively and not wasted.

Firstly, be regular with your studies. Just casually read out the chapter or concept to yourself after attending the class. This ensures that you remember what is there in your syllabus. The next step is to grab the basic concept and start memorising. This is an important stage where whatever you study is being registered in your brain. Next, keep revising the concept every week so that you keep in touch with it. This whole process helps in remembering the subjects for a long time.

When you decide to refer to a book for a subject, make sure it is by a good author. Enquire from seniors and teachers so that you go for the right book. Avoid studying from various books and stick to just one book to evade confusion and waste of time. Make your own questions out of the chapter and learn them well. This ensures that you are not skipping any topic and can answer any question easily. Practice the questions by hand if you have enough time, it helps in memorising.

Make your own notes so that you don’t waste time on unnecessary content. The notes should not be very long, keep it concise and cover important points so that you do not miss out on anything. Make the notes in points; it helps in revision during exams. It is very important to know the weight age of different parts of a subject. This way you can concentrate on scoring topics so that you can maximize your chances of getting better marks.

Other than making your own strategies for studying, it’s important to take proper rest. Your efficiency is increased when you also involve yourself in fun activities. Indulge in your hobbies or whatever you like which helps your brain to relax and be ready to store more information. Set your time in such a way that you are neither stressed nor are you wasting your time on silly things. Have a balanced diet and take your meals at proper intervals. Take proper rest and sleep so that the next day you are fresh and ready to take on the challenge with a new vigour.